Do You Fear Your Partner Might Be a Liar? Here Are 6 Signs He Is

Do You Fear Your Partner Might Be a Liar? Here Are 6 Signs He Is

You might have known your partner well but his recent actions have made you suspicious. These signs will help you find the truth about him.

Relationships can be tricky sometimes. You often meet people from different backgrounds and wait for them to tell their story to you. You believe them and love them for who they are. However, sometimes you end up with people whose life might not be as clear or true as they have presented to you. You might notice them trying too hard to convince you, to make you believe in their lies. Certainly not what you want, is it? And in the long run? Hell, no! So here are a few signs that will help you find if your partner is a liar. 

1. He doesn't make eye contact

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If your partner does not look you in the eye during conversations, it signals that he is lying. The lack of eye contact can mean that he is hiding something from you. According to Rachel Sussman, a relationship expert and marriage counselor in New York City, a man who once had no problem making an eye to eye conversation suddenly finds it difficult, it means he is being dishonest. "If someone who normally has eye contact isn't having eye contact with you when you're asking them about something, that's a sign [that they could be lying]," said Sussman. 

2. He is quick to defend himself

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People who are dishonest are always guilty. They fear their partner will find out the truth and so will always try to be very defensive. If you accuse them of something, they will quickly get irritated and stand up to say "I didn't do it." Some experts say that people who lie mostly use the phrase "I didn't do it" more than "I did not do it." Therefore, watch out if your partner is being too defensive.

3. His stories don't add up

Your dishonest partner might be trying too hard to fill you in all the required information to avoid suspicion. However, he might be failing miserably because of his unrehearsed tale of lies. If their stories and the actual facts point in different directions, you should realize that you are with a liar. "If you notice that their stories don't add up or you hear one thing from them and another from their friends, social media pages, or family, you know something isn't right," said Stef Safran, a matchmaker, dating coach.

4. He rambles on and on 

When your partner is being dishonest, he always feels he needs to explain himself a little more than required. So even if your question is as simple as "Where did you go today?" he would go on and on without giving you a direct answer... they sometimes garble answers, they repeat your question in their answer, they are vague and defensive, or they avoid a discussion," says Dr Paulette Sherman, a psychologist and author of Facebook Dating: from 1st Date to Soulmate.

5. He seems like a different person suddenly

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You might start to feel that your partner has become a completely different person. It might feel as if you don't know him anymore. Quick and sudden changes in behavior are a very strong sign of dishonesty. Your partner's sudden outpour of affection or even forgetfulness maybe because he lives with a lot of buried secrets that he does not want you to know. "Look for changes in behavior. That always means something," said Sussman.

6. He changes subjects quickly

When he knows that his story is not strong enough to convince you, he might get nervous and change topics quickly. He might distract you with a kiss or talk about something that actually worries you. Your partner will make sure that he is the one deciding the course of conversation so he can avoid any unwanted questions.



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