If You and Your Partner Have Survived These 6 Rough Phases, Your Marriage Has a Good Chance of Lasting Forever

If You and Your Partner Have Survived These 6 Rough Phases, Your Marriage Has a Good Chance of Lasting Forever

Every relationship hits a rough patch from time to time, but everyone's problems are different. How you handle yours can ensure a strong bond that will survive against all odds.

Every marriage and relationship goes through difficult phases that can make it seem like your relationship is over. There will be days where your partner and you don't speak to each other due to anger and frustration. Sometimes, the problems could be larger than you. Sometimes, an external factor could be affecting your bond. After such serious difficulties, healing can be a long and hard process. However, every time you overcome one of these challenges you realize that you are going to be together forever. You feel that if you could overcome this rough patch, you can do anything together.

Here are six intense issues that could crop up in your relationship, overcoming which will forge you together in fire:

1. Breach of trust

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You have experienced heartbreak because your partner betrayed you in a way you didn't expect. It could have been anything. Maybe an incident of infidelity, or he broke your trust by spilling your secrets to someone else when you told it to him in confidentiality. Whether it was big or small, it mattered but you didn't accept it as the end of your relationship. Together, you figured out what drove your partner towards the betrayal, according to Psychology Today. Then you focused on improving the foundation of your relationship. Slowly and steadily, you rebuilt trust and loyalty. You both respect each other and that was the building block that resealed your bond.

2. Attraction to someone else

Men and women might feel attracted to others even when married. Research claims that 70% of women in relationships have admitted to having crushes on other men, according to Men's Health. While attraction to others is normal, it doesn't mean your partner will cheat. There is a difference between harboring feelings for someone and acting on it. Whether it was you or your partner, your communication lines are so open that you felt comfortable about sharing this with them as well. Together, you worked on your relationship to improve on the parts that the other thought was missing and came out stronger.

3. Financial crisis

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No matter how much you plan, sometimes there is a financial crisis that is completely unexpected. One of you gets fired unexpectedly, or a major crisis happens that ends up draining your savings. No matter the difficulty, being united while dealing with the chaos is important, according to Focusonthefamily. You can together figure out how to solve the issue and work towards it. This will only bring you closer.

4. Parenthood

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Becoming parents for the first time can be a difficult patch lasting several years. Whether you have one child or more, when you have young ones the focus moves to them than your relationship. You probably forget to pay each other as much attention as earlier. It can lead to your relationship fizzling out, but it is important to remember that you are not just parents but also partners. Even if you find yourself in the middle of a relationship where the passion has fizzled out, you could seek couples' therapy or other constructive methods to revive. When you keep trying to improve your relationship, it shows that you care.

5. Toxic family members

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Not everyone is blessed with perfect families. When you married your partner, you probably gained some toxic family members. They make you feel upset and uncomfortable. They target you unnecessarily and interfere in your personal matters, causing you and your partner to have a rift. However, instead of letting it affect you completely and ruining your life, start a conversation with your partner. They have handled their family for several years and would be able to tell you how to do the same, according to Bustle. And if they truly love you, they will stand up for you instead of blindly supporting the family.

6. Low libido

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There can be multiple reasons for either of you losing your sex-drive. Menopause, childbirth, stress, health conditions, it could be anything. However, your relationship is built on more than sex. Regardless, it is important to have sex regularly in the relationship and build on your physical intimacy. If you understood that, half your work is done. The next steps you take as a couple will be crucial but accepting it in the first place matters most. Whether you seek professional help or work on it on your own, either can help you come closer, according to Psychology Today.







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