For All Those Who Are Spending Valentine’s Day Remembering a Loved One in Heaven, This Is for You

For All Those Who Are Spending Valentine’s Day Remembering a Loved One in Heaven, This Is for You

It is true that their memories will choke you up but you can spend this day cherishing those memories.

When we spend a major part of our lives with a loved one, every day of that period becomes special. But there are some special moments and days which always remain etched in our minds forever. Valentine's Day is around the corner and many of you may have heartfelt memories of this day with someone special who is not with you anymore. As the day of love approaches, you would miss them dearly but this could also be a day when you remember them fondly and send them a message in heaven that they are being missed and loved every day.

If you will be spending Valentine's Day remembering a loved one here are some things you could do to quietly celebrate their memories.

1. Make a date with your family and close friends

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Cooking for your close ones is known to heal sore hearts and deepen bonds. Make a meal that you enjoyed eating with your late loved one, and share it with people who are also grieving. You could share your thoughts and memories with your family and friends and listen to theirs. This way you will know that you are not alone in missing the departed soul, there are others who equally cared about them and are there to support you.

2. Reach out to others who are also grieving

If you know of a colleague, a friend, or a neighbor who is grieving the demise of a loved one, reach out to them with support. Give them a call or send them a card to let them know that they are in your prayers. You could pen down some of your feelings in the card which might make them heave a sigh of relief. Maybe say a prayer for them and the departed which could help you connect with something beyond and show you the meaning of pure love.

3. Spend the day doing things you enjoyed doing with them

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There could be so many things that you both enjoyed doing together, do them on this day to feel their presence. If there is a movie you both loved or a special cake you both liked baking or a song you always sang together; do all of them to let them know that they have not been forgotten and that the things you both liked will always be special to you. If they had a favorite dress or favorite color try to honor that by wearing that dress or decorating the house with flowers and balloons of that color. After all, this day is your day!

4. Tell you kids/grandkids heartwarming stories about them

If your kids/grandkids did not, unfortunately, get a chance to know them, make them acquainted. Tell them how you became so close to them and what were the qualities that drew you towards them. Also, narrate stories from the bygone days; the school or college life when relationships were purer and deeper. Familiarize them with their values and what they stood for. To lighten things a bit, you could also tell them funny stories where they goofed up and you couldn't resist a good laugh!

5. Say a prayer

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You probably pray for them every day but this day, thank them directly. Take out some time to meditate and quietly thank them for making your life beautiful with their presence. Thank them for being who they were and showing you many qualities that made you become a better person. Let them know that you will not let their values fade away; also try to fulfill some of the dreams they would have had. But most of all, thank them for watching over you and guiding you through thick and thin.

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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