Teen Mum Who Thought She Was Only 5-6 Weeks Pregnant Was Shocked to See "Little Bent Legs and a Bum" Inside the Toilet Bowl

Teen Mum Who Thought She Was Only 5-6 Weeks Pregnant Was Shocked to See "Little Bent Legs and a Bum" Inside the Toilet Bowl

The young mum had gone for her quarterly contraceptive jab when she was informed that she was five to six weeks pregnant. But it turned out she was much further along.

Experiencing cramps in the tummy can be due to a lot of things. It can be because of muscle strain, dehydration, constipation, monthly menstrual cycles, etc. But for 17-year-old Aimee Stevens, it was none of the above and when she discovered the real reason for the crippling pain, it left her shocked.

After a meet up with her doctor, she was informed that she was at least five to six weeks pregnant. Although she was using a contraceptive jab, she had somehow ended up conceiving. She was still getting to terms with the shocking news and wondering how to break the news of her pregnancy to her mom when she got another blow.

While Aimee was preparing herself for the reaction she was going to get from her mom while sitting on the loo, the pain got worse. However, right when she thought she could not handle the pain anymore, she felt overwhelming relief but what she saw in the U-bend of the toilet bowl shook her to the core.

In the U-bend was her newborn son, reported The Mirror. The relief she had felt a few moments ago was because she had delivered the baby right there in the toilet. Aimee picked her baby out of the toilet bowl and rushed to the bedroom to detach the umbilical cord. Surprisingly, the baby was healthy and had suffered no injuries. She named her son Ché Andrew Cain.


Elaborating Aimee said, “I was in the worst pain ever and throwing up in the sink next to me. Then there was a feeling of such relief. I stood up and there he was in the U-bend, I could see little bent legs and a bum."

“I still think about that night a lot. It’s so confusing but when Ché first smiled at me it was just amazing and I can’t think what I ever did before I had him now,” she added.

The now-18-year-old from Calne, Wilts, was waiting tables part-time while studying for A-levels when she got pregnant. Three days before the incident that took place on July 12, 2019, she had gone for her quarterly contraceptive jab that she had been taking for years and was supposed to be 99% effective. When she complained to her doctor about the cramps, the pregnancy test revealed that she was five to six weeks pregnant.

Aimee was stunned because she had no symptoms of being pregnant. But once she reached home, the cramps got worse after three days and she thought she was having a miscarriage. “I put hot towels on my stomach," Aimee said and continued, "But it got worse and worse, and I was back and forth to the toilet."

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Holding the baby in her arms, she called her mother Becki, 40, who had been sleeping downstairs in their house. “Aimee phoned me to come up and said, ‘I’ve had a baby,'" revealed Becki. "I stood in the doorway looking at this tiny, crying baby – it was a beautiful ­moment but completely unexpected. I was in a stunned silence for what felt like hours. What do you do in that situation? I daren’t pick him up because I didn’t know if he was hurt from falling in the loo,” she added.

According to the doctors, Ché weighed 5lb 9oz and was almost 38 weeks during the time of his birth. They could not be sure because Aimee had flushed the placenta down the toilet. Both the mum and baby were healthy and were discharged from the hospital after three days, according to The Daily Star.

The young mum gave her friends the shocking news which they didn't believe initially, but after looking at the pictures of the newborn, they were overjoyed and surprised at the same time. Aimee also had to leave her studies because after the birth of Ché, she didn't get much time to complete her criminology, psychology, and business A-levels at ­college, but she had plans to study social care.


Gushing about her relationship with her baby, Aimee said, “We’ve got a really strong bond. I didn’t know how to look after a baby but I learned pretty quick and Ché’s doing great – running around like crazy and talking.”

Becki, on the other hand, is very "proud" of her daughter. “I’m so, so proud of her, she just quietly got on with it," she said. Talking about Aimee's boyfriend who's also the father of Ché, she added, “They are amazing parents and I couldn’t be prouder of the pair of them.”




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