Fun Test: What Do You Find Most Attractive About Falling in Love? the Image You See First Reveals the Answer

Fun Test: What Do You Find Most Attractive About Falling in Love? the Image You See First Reveals the Answer

Even when it comes to falling in love, the reasoning behind it can be unbeknownst to us. That's where this image comes in handy.

To fall in love is to experience a feeling like no other. Whether it's hard and fast or slow and steady, the warmth is indescribable. It makes you feel like the world has more color, sounds are deeper, food has more flavor and a connection with your partner that seems unbreakable.

But what you might not realize is that while it may enhance your senses in such a way, it has more of an impact on your psyche as well. It can even alter your personality traits a bit. You might find yourself getting angry less often or feeling like even your worst enemies aren't so bad. Of course, falling in love can also bring with it some negative points, but it's time to celebrate the positive aspects of it.

You might not be the type of person who likes to admit that you've fallen in love but maybe this personality test can help you find what it is about the experience that you find so attractive, based on the image below.

Source: Illustration

1. The tree

Source: Illustration

If the tree was the first thing you saw, then what you find more attractive about falling in love is how it helps you grow. While the world might see you as someone who is put together and settled, you might feel like all that exists in you is chaos. The insecurities that you have after going through heartbreak and pain from prior relationships feel magnified and can leave you feeling lonely and lost. But when you're in love with your partner, it's almost like these insecurities just fade away, allowing you to grow as a person. Your thirst for learning new things and taking on new adventures fearlessly seems to grow when they're by your side.

2. The profiles

Source: Illustrations

If you saw the man and woman's face first, then what you find attractive is the connection you forge with your partner and the way it soothes your soul. Creating that bond of trust, respect, affection, and support are qualities that captivate you when you fall in love. There's just something about the relationship you have with them that can ease a broken heart and fill a void created by partners who have trampled all over you in the past. It somehow just makes you forget the pain and look forward to the joy you can achieve with that person who you know will be there for you when you fall.

3. The stars

Source: Illustration

If you saw the stars the moment you looked at the image, then what you find most attractive about falling in love is how beautiful and powerful it makes you feel. Finding a partner who treats you as an equal and puts you first just like you do them, brings out that natural beauty of yours. A sense of quiet confidence takes over as you walk around knowing that you picked someone who puts just as much effort into the relationship as you do. That glow is something that can never be replicated in any other situation and it allows you to heal from the wounds unworthy partners inflicted upon you.

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