Fun Test: The Way You and Your Partner Walk Together Speaks Volumes About the Nature of Your Relationship

Fun Test: The Way You and Your Partner Walk Together Speaks Volumes About the Nature of Your Relationship

No one consciously thinks about their body language, at least most of the time. But the way the two of you walk together can be telling of the kind of relationship you have.

Your body language is just as potent as any verbal language. It's in those small nuances that you can actually make out how you feel. An awkward shrug, a cold stare, a loving smile, the way you sit on a couch together - all of it can speak volumes. And when it comes to couples, it's how they interact with each other through their bodies. The interaction can actually give you insight into what kind of relationship they have. One of those interactions includes how they walk together. 

1. Side by side holding hands

Side by side holding hands

That tight grip on your hand as you walk with your man might just be the most comforting feeling you've ever felt. If you walk with your partner side-by-side, it's a sign that both of you understand that you are equals in the relationship. There is no constantly trying to prove dominance or trying to control one another. Just a simple and mutual respect for each other's values, beliefs, and intelligence. Additionally, when you hold hands, it a sign that you're secure in your relationship. You might have your ups and downs but you know that you have each other to fall back on and trust. 

2. Side by side with his hand over your back

Side by side with arm behind back

When your partner walks with you with his hand on your back, it indicates that he might be slightly possessive about you but in the sense that he wants others to know that you chose him to share a bond with. He likes being close to you and wants you to know that you are safe. In a sense, he's almost like your guiding light as well. With a slight nudge from his hand, it's reminiscent of times when he gives you that little extra shot of motivation towards achieving your goals and dreams. And since he's walking beside you, you can be sure that he places both of you at the same level in the relationship. 

3. Arm slung over the shoulder

Arm slung over the shoulder

When he casually slings his hand over your shoulder as he walks, it's a sign of passion and depth in your bond. He considers you to be the most important thing in his life and values that physical closeness with you. Since this kind of physical gesture is also seen amongst friends, it's a sign that he also considers you to be his best friend. He loves making special memories with you and sharing his joy with you. No matter how long you've been together, he always puts in the effort to make you feel good and happy. 

4. One in front of the other holding hands

One in front of the other holding hands

Though he's holding hands with you and giving you the safety and stability, there is a sense of who is dominant in the relationship. If he walks in front of you, chances are that he considers himself to be the better one in the relationship even if both of you are on the same level. It's not an indication that he doesn't love you. However, if you find yourself constantly bowing to his wishes or catering to his schedules, you might want to take a step back and make sure that you both are on the same page. It could be a sign that he doesn't respect you as an individual or as a partner. 

5. One in front of the other with no contact

One in front of the other with no contact

This one isn't all that great a sign. While it could be seen as an immense trust you have in each other to keep up with one another, it is a warning flag that there is some sort of disconnect between you two. Where there used to be a passion and deep connection, it has somewhat faded away over the years. Additionally, if he's walking in front of you, then it's a sign that he doesn't respect you as an individual. He forces his ideas, beliefs, and schedules on you without hearing about what you look forward to achieving in your life. In this case, you might want to think about what is wrong in the relationship and see if it can be salvaged. 

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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