Mom Watched in Horror As 3YO Twin Girls Playfully Locked Her Out of Their Burning Home | They Died Holding Hands

Mom Watched in Horror As 3YO Twin Girls Playfully Locked Her Out of Their Burning Home | They Died Holding Hands

The 29-year-old mom tried hard to break into her house to save her little girls but nothing worked.

The hardest thing a mother may ever have to do is saying goodbye to her young children forever. It doesn't matter if the death is foreseen or unforeseen, when people lose their children it is devastating each and every time.

A 29-year-old mom, Tanyka Ford, in Australia was just going about her day when she saw her 3-year-old twin girls, Aisha and Lailani, playing with a pillow on fire. It was near their log fire at their home in Batlow, New South Wales, Australia. Worried about them, she immediately confiscated the item and went outside to put the fire out only to realize that there was a bigger concern, as per Daily Mail.

When she tried to get inside the house, she realized that her girls had mistakenly locked the door behind her. Meanwhile, there was a bigger fire blazing inside the home in Batlow. Within minutes the fire had soared four-meters high and had covered her house. The mom tried desperately to open the door and get inside. Even her neighbors tried to help but nothing worked. She and her 5-year-old son Dominic watched in horror from the footpath as they waited for emergency services to show up.


The girls' aunt Tammy Dubois, 39, said that her sister-in-law had been screaming to her children inside the home and asked them to open the door. "Tanyka is covered in cuts and scratches from trying to break through windows to get to the girls. She loved those girls, her eyes are red raw from crying," she told the Daily Telegraph.

"The girls couldn't speak, they had their own special language, they adored each other, they were found in the front room huddled holding each other's hand," she said. "Our hearts are broken, my brother Geoffrey is beside himself, he was asked to identify their bodies at the hospital today but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He doesn't want to be here."


Police also confirmed that the children were found unconscious and their "heads were flopping." They were holding hands in the front room. It is believed that they died of smoke inhalation. Riverina Police District Commander Bob Noble said Strike Force Edmondson is investigating the tragedy and they have an "open mind" about how it unfolded.

The community fondly remembers the toddlers. Tammy called them "wild, little tomboys" who loved playing in the dirt. "If you gave one a cookie, they would share it with the other one,” Jazmyne, Tanyka's sister, told TA Times. She called them "special twins."


"Aisha and Lailani were identical and the only way to identify them was by a small scar on one of the girls," said Jazmyne. She said they might look alike but had distinct personalities. “Aisha Lee Dubois was the daredevil, always the first to do something new and daring. Lailani Michelle Dubois was the quieter of the 2,” she said, adding that they were inseparable.


“To my beautiful nieces Aisha and Lailani, there are no words to explain how much joy you brought to our lives. You were born little fighters, were always together and were loved by so many! My only comfort is you have poppy up there with you to look after you. We will never ever forget you and your cheekiness and mischief. We all love you and will miss you everyday for the rest of our lives Aunty Jazz," she wrote in memorium.


Tanyka's brother Levi Ford has set up a GoFundMe page for the family which has lost their home also in the fire. "My sister tragically lost her 3-year-old twin daughters Aisha and Lailani in a house fire, which claimed not only the lives of these 2 young children but also there home and belongings. Her son has lost all his belongings including toys and clothing. I know how tough times are right now, I’m making a go fund me to help with clothing, food, and other items that may Be needed to help her get back on her feet. Also, help with funeral costs etc. Losing everything is hard enough without having to worry about financials," he wrote.






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