This Video of a Baby Having a Serious Conversation with His Dad About a TV Show Is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today!

This Video of a Baby Having a Serious Conversation with His Dad About a TV Show Is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today!

Watching babies talk is certainly entertaining and this kiddo keeps the ball rolling as he has a full-blown conversation with his dad in a video that has gone viral, and for all the right reasons.

"Children say the darndest things" and that phrase was proven when this 19-month-old baby decided to "talk" to his dad. Just because it isn't exactly the most coherent speech doesn't make it any less adorable which is why the video of this conversation between a father and his son has gone viral. And it will have you giggling throughout.

It all began when DJ Pryor, a comedian, was watching the season finale of the TV show "Empire," and he was not sure how to feel about the ending. Talking out loud to himself, he was commentating on the show when his son, Kingston, looked up at his dad and decided to join the monologue. Climbing up on the couch, he began "talking" to his father about the season finale.


Just because the baby can't form actual words yet doesn't stop him from giving his opinions and after being posted on Facebook, the video garnered more than 47 million views, 1.4 million shares, and 1 million reactions. "I was laughing because of the way he was doing all the hand gestures," Pryor told CNN on Friday. "I was just assuming, I was going off of stuff I thought he was saying."

In the touching and funny video, you can see baby Kingston gesticulating wildly - pointing, yelling and laughing. "Yeah, it's the last one. I don't know what they're going to do next season," Pryor says in the video. And there's no way you wouldn't have broken into a smile when you saw Kingston aiming an open hand at the TV and babbling away as if discussing the direction the show is headed. 


For his part, Pryor has no plans to end the conversation. "Exactly what I was thinking," Pryor said in response to his son's ideas. Finally, as Kingston winds down his speech, he creates his own finale with a little more babble and laughter. "We think a lot alike, huh?" Pryor responded with a chuckle.


They clearly do. Pryor also told CNN that he had had no idea how viral the video was until he was bombarded with texts from his friends. "It hasn't all hit yet. It's hasn't all registered yet," he said. However, he did add that Kingston may actually know how famous he's gotten. "He knows he's the star. He walks around like he's a star," Pryor said.


He even posted a follow-up video on Instagram acknowledging the impact his little conversation buddy had on the internet.






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