She's Just 10 Years Old, But She's a Protective Older Sister | Watch Her Save her Little Sibling from Drowning

She's Just 10 Years Old, But She's a Protective Older Sister | Watch Her Save her Little Sibling from Drowning

Jayla, 10, showed immense presence of mind and just jumped in to save her 3-year-old sister, Kali, in what could have otherwise turned into a tragedy.

Jayla Dallis has become a hero at the young age of 10 after courageously diving into a pool to save her 3-year-old sister. The sisters and their aunt thought they would be spending a sunny day by the pool but it almost turned tragic. The young girls had been just splashing around at the Savoy Apartment Complex in Chamblee, Georgia on May 15 when Jayla saw her sister Kali struggling to stay above water. 

The little one had a float and she was at the shallow end but that did not stop her from accidentally drowning. The dramatic moment has been captured on video. Kali can be seen jumping into the pool but falling in face down while her legs are in the air. Soon, she loses the float as it goes out of reach. Her elder sister, Jayla, was swimming on the other side of the pool and hadn't initially noticed that Kali was in distress. Jayla gets out of the water and when she stands up and turns towards her sister she sees her struggling and gasping. The moment Jayla spots Kali, she goes off in a sprint and dives back into the pool to save her. She doesn't hesitate for a second as she jumps right in.


Things began to look dire as Kali had stopped struggling.

"She was like heavy, so I had to pull her by her hair and then I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her up," Jayla told WAFB

There were witnesses around who called rescue officials, while their aunt and the apartment operations manager performed CPR on the 3-year-old, according to Fox News

In the recording, the witness calling 911 can be heard saying, "We've been out here, probably, for two minutes, but we need someone here." 

Sgt. Ed Lyons of Chamblee Police Department responded to the call and got there as soon as possible. The sergeant also has a young daughter, who is 6, and when he saw Kali it affected him emotionally. "I was sitting in the back of the police department, in my patrol car, checking reports," said Sgt. Ed Lyons.  His body camera captured the rest of the scene. 

"I saw my little girl laying there, same kind of little bathing suit she wears,” Lyons said. “Same little hair pulled up in a little bun up top. You know you kind of have to push past that and do what you're trained to do," he told WAFB. 



The police officer calmed the younger girl. "There you go honey,” he said. “There you go! Keep blowing it out! We've got a definite pulse." 

The entire episode could have turned tragic even then but it was Kali's lucky day. Once she was taken to the hospital, Kali's mother arrived to find her youngest child on a ventilator. This incident was a parent's nightmare come true. Even then doctors weren't sure she would survive this ordeal but it all turned better later. She was in hospital in critical condition for two weeks and was finally sent back home fully recovered.

"It's amazing,” said her mother Daneshia Dallis. “It's a miracle. Don't take your eyes off of them. All the floats are not safe. Be careful. Watch your kids." The grateful mother called the sergeant "a lifesaver".  



This can happen to any family and it could have turned out a horrible day for them too but young Jayla's presence of mind stopped it from being so. She bravely went into the swimming pool and did what was needed to be done. 

You can watch moment Jayla saved her sister here: 





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