29YO Woman Who Married Pensioner 51 Years Older Than Her Says Their Love Is Not "Disgusting" | It's "Raw and Beautiful"

29YO Woman Who Married Pensioner 51 Years Older Than Her Says Their Love Is Not "Disgusting" | It's "Raw and Beautiful"

The unusual couple met in 2016 at a local newspaper event, and ever since then, they have been inseparable.

If you've ever wondered, "Does age play a role when you fall in love?" then this story might clear all your doubts. A 29-year-old woman from Cape Town, South Africa, found her one true love in Wilson Rasmus who is 51 years her senior which means... he's 80 years old.

Terzel Rasmus met Wilson back in 2016 at a local newspaper event when she was working as a journalist, reported The Daily Mail. "Wilson quite literally walked into my life," she revealed, who's now a law student. "We met at a local newspaper dance where I was the journalist on duty, so I was taking photos for the event." Wilson saw the young woman and asked her if he could sit with her.


It turns out, the sitting was just a strategy of Wilson's to get to know Terzel. "The truth, which came out later, was that he had noticed me before the event started and wanted to get to know me," Terzel divulged. "When he established I was on my own he plucked up the courage to come over and speak to me. I said yes and the rest is history – we haven't parted since."

Terzel felt at home in Wilson's company quite fast, and without stating anything, the two were in a relationship. "This is my first long-term relationship and I never considered being in a serious relationship until I met Wilson." Just three months after their first meeting, she knew, "I wanted to marry him." She revealed further that after the 81-year-old's wife died in 2002, Wilson did not date any other woman except her.

Unlike the problems many couples with huge age gaps face, Terzel and Wilson's families were quite welcoming. "My parents love Wilson and my father was impressed with what he could offer me as a partner and always wanted me to be with a man who is level-headed and could look after me," said the law student.

"Wilson's daughters were welcoming and warm towards me and treated me on equal grounds, despite me being half their age. They know their father is happy and not alone anymore – that is all that should matter in the end." With the blessings of both their families, the two walked down the aisle in a small ceremony in 2017 with Wilson's 56-year-old daughter as their witness.


Sharing details about their intimate life the 29-year-old said, "Wilson is a very attentive lover and always pleases me when we are intimate." She added that contrary to young men who tend to be "selfish when it comes to good sexual health," Wilson is great and she's "grateful to have my husband," as per The Sun.

If you're wondering how the couple is comfortable with each other when it comes to intimacy, Terzel disclosed, "We love each other the same as other people love their partners – there is nothing disgusting about it." She labeled their romance "raw and beautiful."

Terzel is grateful for the knowledge and "experience" Wilson brings along with him because of his age. When she lost her father, her husband helped her make all the arrangements. "He also helps by giving advice on big decisions regarding my future and I'm able to go to him and get his advice when I am unsure about something," she added. "I can rely on him for anything – all I have to do is ask – and he supports me financially, especially helping me pay for my studies."

Wilson too is happy to spend his remaining life with Terzel because she's helped him keep "healthy and vibrant." He said, "To marry a younger person is better than to marry someone more or less my age because we will both be old together and that does not help me as the older person. He added that he liked the fact that "Terzel will be there to look after me in my old age."


Even though both their families have no issues with their union, the public isn't so kind to them. While some mistake them for father and daughter, others take a dig at Terzel online by calling her a "gold digger." She revealed, "The slut-shaming was particularly hurtful because what Wilson and I feel for each other is raw and beautiful. I almost felt like this person was defiling our relationship."

However, the varying opinions haven't affected the couple's bond because, as Terzel said, "My hopes and dreams are our hopes and dreams." She added that the day she takes the bench, she's sure Wilson would be proud of her, watching her "succeed and reach my potential." She knows that her husband will be by her side "through all of it."





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