Woman Fighting for Life After Ex Held Her Captive for 8 Days Before Throwing Her off 4th Floor Window

Woman Fighting for Life After Ex Held Her Captive for 8 Days Before Throwing Her off 4th Floor Window

She was crying out for help from the open window when her ex-boyfriend threw her out.

Trigger warning: Domestic abuse

When Maria Alejandra Rojas ended her relationship with Jose Maria Ortega Nino, she thought they were parting in a healthy way, unaware, that soon the one she fell in love with would become her worst nightmare.

Jose turned into a monster after 24-year-old Maria broke up with him. He allegedly locked her up in his apartment and tortured her for eight days. He didn't just stop at that, he sexually assaulted her as well, finally throwing her off from his fourth-floor window.


Following the sinister incident that took place on August 23, in Cedritos area of Bogota, Colombia, Maria has been recovering in the intensive care unit after suffering from severe fractures in her legs, hips, and pelvis. The fall also knocked off all her teeth, reported The Sun.

According to local news reports, Jose locked her up in a bedroom and beat her regularly with blunt objects. The Prosecutor's Office revealed during a hearing that he also left her under a cold running shower "formerly known as Chinese torture or something similar, subjecting a person to constantly fall a jet of water or drops on his head," as per local news Extra.com.

For eight days, Maria suffered from verbal, sexual, physical, and psychological torture for eight hours as the accused told her every day that he would kill her. However, on August 31, he left a window that overlooked a street open and Maria saw a glimmer of hope. She began screaming for help from the window but when Jose realized what she was doing, he threw her out, trying to bury any signs of his crime. Miraculously, she was saved by a fire brigade and rushed to a hospital, reported The Sun.

Maria took to Facebook to share her horrifying experience and wrote, "I'm currently only eating liquid food and I'm unable to keep supporting my family. Since August 31 I've been in intensive care for 13 days, fighting for my life. The doctors said it was a miracle. So far I've had five operations and more to come on my face."


Revealing that Jose was not arrested immediately, she continued, "Although there's a filed complaint, the authorities have not 'been able' to arrest him for some 'strange ($)' reason, even though he's moved house after hurting me, helped by relatives and friends, and he's been seen in the street and at public events as if nothing had happened."

Further confessing that she still feared for her life, she wrote, "I fear for the safety of my family and mine as he threatened to hurt my son and my mom so I want to make it clear that ANYTHING that happens to us is the fault of José Maria Ortega Nino."

While talking to a local radio Mañanas BLU, Maria tearfully said that she was suffering from the torture she endured and wanted justice. She said, "I find it very unfair that we had to wait for us to get to this point where I almost lost my life because of it." She added that after the fall, she also suffered from a loss of memory but "little by little I was able to remember with the help of psychology."


According to Hoy En Bogotá, Jose dismissed that he ever threw Maria out of the window. He said, “At no time did I throw her out the window, I have the witnesses and I hold it before a court and before the Prosecutor's Office so that they find out who is hurting whom. I'm taking precautions against threats, but I'm not hiding. Here I show my face."

Jose was finally arrested on November 15 with the Prosecutor's Office charging him with kidnapping, torture, and sexual assault. Extra.com reported that he has more than 10 cases against him where he has been accused of domestic violence and for inflicting serious injury. What's more disturbing is the fact that many of his previous partners have been left with permanent physical injuries.








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