Daughter Risks Everything and Dials 911 to "Order Pizza" to Save Her Mother From Being Violently Abused

Daughter Risks Everything and Dials 911 to "Order Pizza" to Save Her Mother From Being Violently Abused

She couldn't stop her mother's abuser lest he turn more violent. So she did the next best thing she could and it ended up saving both of them.

Witnessing a case of domestic violence is absolutely terrifying especially when you see someone you love at the receiving end of it. And for this Ohio woman, watching her mother face it was even more so. Knowing she had to do something about it, the unidentified woman placed a call for pizza. But she didn't call any pizza parlor. Instead, the 38-year-old woman called 911 and placed an order for pizza, risking a lot.

According to People, a dispatcher by the name of Tim Teneyck answered the call. He was genuinely stunned when his caller ordered a pizza. “I would like to order a pizza,” the caller said, giving an address to Teneyck, who replied, “You called 911 to order a pizza?” When she insisted on ordering and gave him her apartment number, it still didn't click for the dispatcher that something was up. It was once she said, "No, no, no, no ... you’re not understanding," that he finally did understand that her order was a pretense and something more serious was happening, according to Inside Edition.

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While asking her a series of Yes or No questions, it struck him that this woman was reporting a case of alleged domestic violence. During his questioning, she answered with, "Yup. I need a large pizza" and "No. With pepperoni."

Once he was done, he asked if she needs a medical crew or if she could stay on the phone, but she declined both requests. "I'll get them going," Teneyck said and cut the call after which, he dispatched police, informing them that this was an alleged situation of domestic violence, according to NBC News. "Alright, turn your sirens off before you get there," TenEyck said in the dispatch call to police. "Caller ordered a pizza, and agreed with everything I said. There's domestic violence going on."

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Not long after, the police arrived at the house and arrested the man abusing the caller's mother. According to the Oregon Police Department, the accused was the boyfriend of the mother who had come home intoxicated and punched the caller's mother, 57, in the arm before pushing her around the house and yelling that he was going to hurt her. The mother, whom NBC News did not name, told officers that she was pushed so hard "she fell into the wall behind her," the report said.

Well, now that the boyfriend has been arrested, it seems like the two women can breathe a sigh of relief. As for Teneyck, who had never heard of this pizza option before, told the Washington Post, “If it’s your only option, and that abusive person is next to you and listening to everything you say, then by all means – you call and order that pizza,” quoted Independent UK.

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Visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline to know how you can help others or yourself. 







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