You Know You Are with a Good Man If He Makes You Feel Special in These 7 Ways

You Know You Are with a Good Man If He Makes You Feel Special in These 7 Ways

No relationship is easy and making sure you are with a good man is even harder. But if he makes you feel these 7 ways, that's one way to know you're on the right track.

When you're in a long-term relationship, the passion that once brought you together can slowly fizzle out. Of course, you don't go into a relationship thinking that way, but it happens to everyone... unless you're with a good man. And how do you know he's a good man and the right one for you? How can you be sure that he'll still be around years down the line?

Well, if he makes you feel these seven ways, then rest assured, your relationship is more rock-solid that you think.

1. He makes you feel safe

That hand on your back when you're in a crowded place is not the only way he's trying to show you he'll protect you. When he stands up for you or when he's right beside you on your bad days, that's when he's telling you, "don't worry, I'm right here." Those moments when you just need a hug and he opens his arms for you without hesitation, that's him telling you, "you're safe with me." Those days when you feel unmotivated and vulnerable and he's there to help you forwards, he's telling you, "I've got your back." All those times you poured your heart out to him and listening without any judgment, that's him telling you, "Your thoughts and emotions are safe with me."

2. He makes you feel strong and independent

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There are times when you feel weak and as if you can't do anything right. You're not doing it on purpose but that feeling comes out of nowhere and leaves you feeling helpless. But with him, you feel strong again. That's because he treats you like an equal. He knows your value. When you have to make certain hard decisions, he will give you his honest opinion on it but he will still support you. He believes in your confidence and intelligence and he doesn't hesitate to show the faith he has in you.

3. He makes you feel heard

Whenever you have an issue you want to talk about, whether it's a rant or something that makes you feel vulnerable, he's there to hear you out. It might have even gotten to a point that you don't have to say anything and he'll understand. The best part? He never uses what you've said in confidence against you even if the two of you are fighting. He knows you deserve better than that.

4. He makes you feel loved

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All those naughty winks, sly touches, twinkling eyes that he shoots at you, those are all his way of showing love. He might not express his emotions in words but he knows you'll understand his actions. Even when he tries to reduce the burden on you by shouldering some of your responsibilities, like taking care of the kids or running errands, he's telling you he loves you so much that he doesn't want to see you suffer on your own, no matter how independent you are.

5. He makes you feel happy

He's always trying to make you smile or create memories with you that will bring a grin to your face at a random time of the day. He makes the effort to try out new things with you or enjoy what you like so that you can share your joy with him. For him, when you're happy, he's happy. So whether it is ranting about someone with you or tickling you till you bust a gut laughing, he's ready to do anything to make you happy.

6. He makes you feel important

You are his first priority. Whenever you need anything, he drops everything and puts you first. Even when it comes to sharing his good news, you're the first person to hear about it. Secrets, promotions, a funny thing he saw on the road - you're the person he tells before anyone else. That's because you're important to him. He knows that you'll share in his emotions and that you won't judge him for it. He can drop his guard with you, something he can't do with anyone else.

7. He makes you feel beautiful

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He never fails to tell you that you are the most beautiful being on earth, even when you are in your favorite old t-shirt (which you stole from him years ago) and pajamas. And he makes it a point to notice when you dress up. He never fails to look at you and really see you in all your raw, unbridled glory. More than his compliments, it's the look in his eyes when he sees you that makes you feel like a goddess. He doesn't miss an opportunity to let you know just how gorgeous you are to him.

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