Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Reveals Your Strongest Traits and Your Most Vulnerable Qualities

Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Reveals Your Strongest Traits and Your Most Vulnerable Qualities

Your zodiac isn't limited to the sun. The Chinese created a similar system with animals close to their daily lives and it can say a lot about your personality as well.

Much like the 12 Zodiac sun signs that exist, the Chinese created a similar system known as the Chinese Zodiac or Sheng Xiao system, according to Travel China Guide. However, instead of basing their observations on the constellations, the Chinese chose 12 animals that are closely associated with their daily lives.

The system from this age-old civilization is split into two - yin and yang. And based on the year you were born, your sign could be either of the two. Based on the 12-year cycle, each year is linked to one animal which has been calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Each sign reveals a lot about your personality and can tell you what your strongest traits and most vulnerable qualities are.

The twelve animals of this zodiac system are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig — in this order. So what does your sign say?

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1. Rat

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You are just one of those people who know how to turn a situation around for the better with your quick wit and sharpness. Your intelligence is the sword that cuts down the obstacles to success and you know how to wield it well. But you aren't just smart, you're charming and funny, something that draws others to you in droves. Your friends have been at the receiving end of your genuine loyalty and generosity, giving them a sense of safety when they're with you. 

However, sometimes, your intelligence and generosity can turn on you. Your ambition can occasionally eclipse your responsibilities to those around you while being so loyal to friends leaves you vulnerable to being taken advantage of.  

2. Ox

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A natural-born leader is what everyone else sees you as. Your detail orientation, dedication, and organizational skills inspire others to follow in your footsteps. The hard work you put into everything doesn't go unnoticed and unrewarded. When it comes to your loved ones, you are extremely protective of them and they know they can count on you to have their back. 

However, you tend to be a bit introverted and highly critical of yourself. Both of them put together can bring out an intense sense of loneliness and insecurity. Because you're always trying to be a perfect version of you, you can be a bit resistant in accepting mistakes and changes. 

3. Tiger

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Self-confidence is one of your best qualities. You know what you want and aren't shy about getting it. You certainly are a force to be reckoned with. Those around you always feel comfortable being with you, because you make them feel good about themselves. They strive to attain your level of confidence. 

However, your warm heart and confidence don't stop you from being extra-sensitive and moody at times. You aren't doing it on purpose but as intense as you are about reaching your goals, you are just as intense with your emotions. And that's something not many people can keep up with. 

4. Rabbit

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Anyone who's met you knows that when you bring someone into your heart, you truly love them. More than that, they know that your feelings are sincere. You would do anything and drop everything for your friends, family, and partner without expecting anything in return. You like to show them that you genuinely care. But you don't let just anyone come into your circle — your excellent sense of judgment wouldn't allow it. 

However, because of how much you love pleasing your loved ones, you are prone to getting hurt more easily. It doesn't help that you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. In order to keep the peace, you try to avoid conflict and that isn't very healthy. 

5. Dragon

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Charismatic is the word people would use to describe. No matter which social situation you are in, no one can deny your energy and vitality. Because of this, your leadership nature comes out almost smoothly, especially when there are people always ready to follow in your footsteps. Additionally, you may not be the type to make very many friends, but the ones you have, have seen the side of you that is loyal and is always willing to help shoulder their burden. 

However, occasionally, your "leader" side tends to overflow with energy and turn you a tad too authoritative for others. And your habit of not showing too much sentiment or romance makes you come off as aloof or cold. 

6. Snake

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Often, you can be seen staring into nothingness as you contemplate deep thoughts. It is this intellectual side of you that constantly thirsts for knowledge and is always building up your personal wisdom. As a result, you have faith in your own judgments and for the most part, it is accurate. It is what gives you the ability to create a friend circle that you can really trust. You are in tune with the environment around you and know what exactly you want in life. 

However, insecurities and jealousy could rear its ugly head and cause you to lash out. You might start to see yourself becoming overly possessive of your close ones as well as your partner. At times, you could be considered dangerous, much like a femme fatale. 

7. Horse

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Exactly like a horse, you're a free spirit who loves independence. You enjoy going around to new places and exploring. Your energy just bursts forth and being chained or tied down is something you hate. Your cheerful disposition is what makes you so popular and your willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams leads you to faster and longer-lasting success. 

However, it's hard for you to settle down. You just can't stand the thought of being chained down to one person or one thing. That makes it hard for you to maintain newly formed relationships. 

8. Goat

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Creativity flows through your blood. You can see worlds of something new out of anything that is ordinary. It's this artistic side of you that brings out the compassionate and gentleness in you, which attracts people to you easily. And you love receiving love from those people, lots of it. And though you're a wanderer and find it hard to deal with the monotony of one place, your friends still know they can count on you. 

However, your artistic side makes you prone to disorganization and indiscipline. Additionally, having your heart on your sleeve brings out more of your insecurities and worries, causing you to become easily overcome by your emotions. 

9. Monkey

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No matter what kind of situation you are in, you know how to improvise and turn into an advantage almost effortlessly. Your ability to solve problems with ease with your quick wit and genius draws people to you in hordes. You can bring anyone over to your side and can motivate people to follow their dreams. Your flexibility makes you the perfect candidate for trying new experiences and enjoying the rewards that come with it. 

However, because of your intelligence, those who don't match your level are immediately deemed to be unworthy of being in your company. You're not doing it to be mean but you need to be intellectually stimulated in the way you want, making it difficult for you to maintain a good social circle.

10. Rooster

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If your friends were to describe you in three words, they would call you practical, honest and trustworthy. These qualities are extremely important to you and when you build new relationships, you expect the same out of the other person. Additionally, your observant and analytical nature makes it easy for you spot those who try to pull wool over your eyes. You're decisive, neat, meticulous, and organized and have the ability to turn chaos into order.

However, all the traits of yours can sometimes push you into being rigid and controlling. You get riled up when those around you don't follow the way you do things. Your need for routine makes it hard for you to try out new experiences.

11. Dog

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Much like the four-legged furry friend, you are faithful and loyal to those you love. No matter what, you will always be there for them and they know it. You would drop everything to be by their side when they need you. And your close ones know not to let your animated exterior ever overshadow your loyalty. This makes you one of the most likeable people in their circle. Even when you get angry, it only lasts for a bit and is justifiable, making it easier for your loved ones to resolve issues. 

However, you can be prone to mood swings and tend to be sensitive even about small things. Though you have the ability to work hard and reach your goals, more often than not, you choose to adopt the "lie by the fire" laziness, causing you to take longer to achieve your dreams. 

12. Pig

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No one can ever mistake the kindness you have as anything but genuine. You truly love helping people and by constantly seeking knowledge, you create the means to achieve your humanitarian goals. You are known for your impeccable manners, exquisite taste, and gentle disposition, making it easier for others to approach you. even when it comes to resolving fights, you do it in a calm and gentle manner such that everyone is satisfied. 

However, sometimes you can be too nice and give others the opening to take advantage of you. Additionally, since you are a creature of comfort and enjoy the finer things in life, it can turn you into a bit of a snob at times. 



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