Your Favorite Way to Spend Time Together as a Couple Reveals What Kind of Companionship You Enjoy

Your Favorite Way to Spend Time Together as a Couple Reveals What Kind of Companionship You Enjoy

Whether it's taking a stroll together or making time for each other's hobbies, what you do in each other's company says this about your relationship.

To feel that unbreakable bond with your partner is a wonderful feeling. But what matters is what you and your partner do to stay bonded as the years pass by. When you and your partner spend time together, it's a way for you both to stay connected and grow emotionally closer. Here's what it means when you spend your time together indulging in your favorite pastime:

1. Cooking a meal together at home

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Enjoying each other's company while cooking together shows how you and your partner see each other as a team. Each of you carries your own load in the relationship and together, your equal efforts create something beautiful. "Happy couples love to spend time together prepping and cooking for a meal," spiritual counselor and psychic Davida Rappaport told Bustle. "They can make it a romantic meal or just enjoy being in the same space. There is something special about eating a meal that is cooked with love."

2. Going for long walks and quiet conversations

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Taking a walk along the beach, having a picnic at the park, or just strolling through a green spot and having simple conversations with your partner gives you both a break from your busy schedules and a chance to reconnect with each other. This helps “maintain a sense of discovery that breaks the monotony of domestic routine," said Kari Carroll, couples therapist, according to HuffPost. "...Experiencing your partner in a new atmosphere can create a lingering energy to your relationship and strengthen your bond."

3. Trying a new restaurant and exploring new cuisines

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If you and your partner like to try out new restaurants, it shows how you both like to keep things fresh, and getting out of the house gives a novel setting for romance. "Going to a new location, sitting in a fresh ambiance, and drooling over a delicious menu incorporates novelty, which helps activate the reward center in your brain, releasing dopamine, which is responsible for that lovin’ feeling,"  Samantha Burns, relationship coach and author, told Elite Daily.

4. Binge-watching shows snuggled together

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When you and your partner have grown extremely comfortable with each other, you start enjoying the simple things, where snuggling up and watching your favorite shows is enough to make you both slow down and relax. Slipping into your sweatpants and relaxing with your partner helps you unwind and forget your worries. "Shedding what you worked in allows you to let go of whatever was bothering you or the stress of the work day," said Rappaport.

5. Catching up with a large group of friends

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You and your partner know how it's important to differentiate between "me" and "we" in the relationship. While you both thoroughly enjoy your time as a couple, you also know it's important to foster relationships with friends and family. "The happiest couples are able to feel connected without needing to be joined at the hip," said Winifred M. Reilly, marriage and family therapist and author. "They know the importance of both ‘me’ time and ‘we’ time and make sure to support plenty of both.” And catching up with friends with your partner is one way of balancing the priorities of your romantic relationship with the other relationships in your life.

6. Making time for each other's hobbies

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You and your partner believe that it's essential to make space for the likes and dislikes of each other. So, you're willing to try something new or join them as they indulge in their favorite hobby because they do the same for you in return. When your partner expresses a new interest and you're willing to try it with them, it makes you both immensely satisfied with the novelty of something new. "It doesn't have to be an expensive or complicated activity, just something outside of your normal routine," said Dr. Ayo Gathing, psychiatrist, relationship expert, and co-author, according to Redbook.






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