The 4 Zodiac Signs That Will Be Most Affected by the January 24 New Moon

The 4 Zodiac Signs That Will Be Most Affected by the January 24 New Moon

The new moon in January 2020 will bring out some intense feelings for most signs but these ones will be especially vulnerable to it.

The moon goes through many phases during its cycle and one of the most powerful ones is the "new moon." It is so powerful that it could be a make-or-break situation based on where the planets are positioned. For some people, it's going to be an erratic time while for others this will be the perfect moment to plant the seed to something new. Some might find themselves walking on shaky ground and others might be soaring high.

You might feel the need to confront certain truths and that can put your relationships on edge. However, there is a lot of scope for showing kindness as well. If you are any of these four zodiac signs, this powerful lunar phase will affect you deeply.

1. Cancer

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The crab is nostalgic by nature and with change looming on the horizon, the past might seem rosier. Everyone knows how little Cancerians like change but it is a part of life after all. If you want to move forward to the future that is calling, you can cherish the past, acknowledge it happened without romanticizing it, and let it go. This might be the perfect time to recognize what is "gone." While it may seem like you are quitting, it actually means that you are taking into account all the changes within yourself. You know your needs have changed and there is no shame in leaving behind what doesn't work.

2. Scorpio

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You are known for being mysterious and being great at keeping secrets but that can sometimes mean that you are a secure vault, where nothing goes in or out. It can become hard for you to communicate your needs to others and even when it comes to acknowledging them yourself. You will be confronted with your feelings and the need to be vulnerable since you deserve to be cared for as well. There is no shame and weakness in letting those closest to you know about wanting love, care, and affection. You no longer need to carry the weight of the world by yourself. Sharing the burden is going to win you allies and friends when they see the more human side of you.

3. Pisces

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Your imagination and daydreams are your pillars in life. They are what you turn to when real life is full of conflict and you want to escape the problems in front of your eyes. So, if you find yourself daydreaming more than usual it could be because there are some looming issues that you would rather not address. However, this can chip away from time meant for other constructive ideas. After all, time wouldn't stand still waiting for you. It could help if you chart out what your goals are for the year and break them down into smaller steps that don't seem insurmountable.

4. Aquarius

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You like standing apart from the crowd and that means you are constantly changing. In fact, it could mean that you are pressuring yourself to change even though there are some parts of us that are essential to who we are. The new moon will help you become closer to yourself by recognizing your flaws and weaknesses. Just because you acknowledge those parts, it doesn't mean you are not different from others, which is a priority for you. When you allow yourself to express freely, then you are the closest to your authentic and unique self. Taking ownership and accepting yourself as you are is also going to lead you towards a more confident future. 




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