5 Zodiac Signs That Had the Most Challenging Year in 2020

5 Zodiac Signs That Had the Most Challenging Year in 2020

2020 was challenging for most people, especially if you were a healthcare worker. However, these particular certain zodiac signs had it pretty bad.

2020 has no doubt been a chaotic year for everyone, but there are some zodiac signs who had it just a little bit harder. They had a significantly more challenging year and are likely hoping for a better time in 2021. Those zodiac signs know that they got the short end of the stick this year. But, thankfully, there's no way but up from here.

Here are the five zodiac signs that had a challenging 2020.

1. Aries

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This year, Jupiter was in Capricorn and that's the worst positioning for luck. The Aries person is someone who is always on the go. They have multiple projects going on at the same time, but you may have felt that all your paths were blocked. You probably had a hard time finding a solution for yourself. Your projects probably got stalled and the other methods brought you instability. In 2020, you also likely had some financial losses as most investments seemed risky. You probably also faced illness directly or it affected someone close to you. It is advisable that you stay cautious of strangers going forward.

2. Gemini 

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In 2020, you were likely under extreme pressure. Calling it a challenge might be an understatement. However, as hard as it was, you learned some things about yourself. For starters, you are self-reliant and you know how to take care of yourself. This year probably tested you in many spheres, including spiritual. You might have felt lost for a while in your relationship, but it could have come into shape towards the end of the year. In the future, you can build on the growth you had during the year, which was through an arduous process.

3. Cancer

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This year was especially bad for you, dear Cancer, and things may have seemed extra hard. Whether it was our professional or personal life, things just didn't go your way. You probably had to deal with some toxic folks all by yourself, and you miss your support system. With the lockdown, the people you depend on likely got stuck really far away from you, and that may have created conflict too. You may have had to enter into confrontations even though all you wanted was to have a harmonious time. This year may also have been a blessing as you learned to be self-reliant. You had to depend on yourself above all else to get by and will have to continue doing so.

4. Libra

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

In 2020, you may have faced a major heartbreak. Perhaps, you were single and had to wonder if your new beau actually likes you, or you were tested if you were in a long-term relationship. You probably ended up re-evaluating your entire value system this year and questioning yourself over and over again. It may have created self-doubt until you were able to sort it out from within. Going forward, as you may have already figured out, communicating with your partner is crucial. You might have to also look at new avenues of progress and figure out your priorities.

5. Aquarius

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

You probably became more mature in 2020 after going through some deep struggles. There were things that were holding you back until 2020, and you have purged yourself of those elements. People may have called you selfish but focussing on oneself should always remain a priority. After all, we don't live just for others, right? Sometimes, you probably had to just get down and dirty to achieve your goals. It may have been an unpleasant business, which is something you dislike, but you had to stick to your guns. In 2021, you must carry this resoluteness with you so you can continue achieving your dreams.




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